2D Imaging

2D -- Digital Orthopantamogram (OPG)

An orthopantamogram (opg) or dental panoramic radiopgraph is a panoramic scanning dental radiograph (x-ray) of the upper and lower jaw.iot shows a two-dimensional view of both the jaws from ear to ear.

Besides screening procedures, the most common use is to determine the status of wisdom teeth and trauma to the jaws. With our technology, we offer high resolution panoramic radiographs with adjustable focal trough.

2D -- Lateral Cephalogram

Cephalogram (lateral) provides the diagnostician excellent bony detail in addition to an adequate soft tissue profile. Our cephalometric modality features "one shot" technology with a range of acquisition format sizes, capturing the image in less than a second.

Our advanced software provides for automatic tracing and cephalometric analyses.

Other 2D Services
  • PA Waters
  • PA Ceph
  • Skull AP/ PA VIEW
  • Hand Wrist RADIOGRAPH